What’s new in the week of 6/16/21–6/22/21.

While both the stock and crypto markets collectively hold their breath while they wait for the impending announcement from the Federal Reserve, earlier this week we saw some good news — the SEC announces that they have no plans to regulate Bitcoin this year.

Meanwhile at Saffron, it’s a short update week but we do have some exciting announcements about development progress on V2!

Epoch 16 Begins!

What’s new in the week of 6/09/21–6/15/21.

As we return to work this week, we’re still feeling the reverberations of last weekend and the enormity of the impact Bitcoin Miami 2021 had. While announced last week during the closing ceremony by Jack Mallers, early this morning the bill presented to the Salvadoran Congress has passed. It has now been made official:

El Salvador has become the first country in history to accept cryptocurrency as legal tender.

This goes without saying that this nothing short of a gargantuan moment for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and for financial freedom. Is this the beginning of…

What’s new in the week of 6/02/21–6/08/21.

It’s anybody’s guess where the market is headed right now, but most of the crypto world has their attention focused on a certain convention taking place this weekend. This coastal metropolis — appropriately nicknamed The Magic City for its rapid growth — is hosting one of the biggest events in crypto history (so far).

A Dingo has been sighted in Miami

What’s new in the week of 5/26/21–6/01/21.

Welcome dear reader, to another exciting chapter of Harry Potter and the Curious Case of the Market Correction. Why was the market crashing? Are we poised for a bullish recovery soon? Is there manipulation, and if so by who? Is this caused by institutions getting in or is sovereign money entering the game in earnest? All of these questions… will have to be answered by someone else, I’m just here to talk to you about Saffron this week.

Saffron Finance directly mentioned in Wharton/World Economic Forum Report

The Wharton School of the…

What’s new in the week of 5/19/21–5/25/21.

Millions of users across the globe all take a deep, collective breath as we see a massive correction across the board for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. For those of you just joining us for the first time — welcome to the long game. In order to offset the stress felt across the board, we have some fun things to show you this week.

Summer of DeFi on the Horizon?

What’s new in the week of 5/12/21–5/18/21.

While Vitalik Buterin sends cascading ripples throughout the animal meme token market, development at Saffron continues to forge ahead. Last week we gave a sneak peek on some of the new site features. We’ve been furiously working behind the scenes and hiring additional personnel while we continue to rapidly expand our operations internationally. This week is going to be a bit of a recap episode, folks!

Saffron Finance listed on Enzyme Finance

Enyzme Finance touts themselves as a fast and cost-effective way to build, scale and monetize investment strategies, and have recently…

What’s new in the week of 5/05/21–5/11/21.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As $DOGE’s meteoric rise continues to perplex the entire world, it’s been a quieter week for us here at Saffron Finance. We thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to peek a bit into the future of Saffron and how we’re going to be evolving over the next year.

Saffron Academy Website Preview

What’s new in the week of 4/28/21–5/04/21.

After releasing our inaugural episode of Saffron Academy’s podcast and launching our governance forum proper last week, we’ve got another week jam-packed with announcements as Saffron Finance continues to forge ahead.

Discourse/Snapshot Governance

Utilizing Discourse and Snapshot to shape Saffron’s future

We are excited to announce that today marks the launch of our governance system. Allowing the community to have direct input in the direction of Saffron is crucial to making the protocol a reliable and composable piece of decentralized finance. Over the past few weeks, developers who contribute to the Saffron protocol have been finalizing the on-chain contracts, off-chain voting, and community discussion tools needed to create a governance flow that channels the community’s distributed efforts into making Saffron the best protocol and project that it can be.

Saffron Governance Forum

What’s new in the week of 4/21/21–4/27/21.

This week will be an important week for Saffron as we take a gigantic step towards full decentralization. It’s going to be an exciting milestone for us — and I’m excited to be able to share it with you all!

Discourse/Snapshot Governance Launches Friday


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